Bright colors are popping up everywhere this season—even in mascaras!

Now that brights have become the new black, we’ve picked out a few of our faves. 

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These are some of the links I found for some realllllllly cute DIY Fashion, I think it would be perfect for our clothes in our Fashion Show!






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Our DIY Party!
It was fun.
Although I failed at making a galaxy shirt, but whatevs.
Photo Creds: Alex Plattner 😊
Can’t wait to have our next DIY Party, I have several ideas, I should start posting them. Im really anxious about the high waisted shorts I tie-dyed,they are really cute. I love Alex’s acid wash/ bleached pants, they’re so cute.
We got alot done.

Blog Entry #6

Our fashion club has a Ombre/Dip Dye/Tie Dye party coming up, and just looking at these shorts, makes me so anxious. Haha, we hope to have other things besides shorts, because it’d be cute to have like shirts and dresses, pullovers( of course not to wear in the summer) but ya know. The sad thing is, its so hard to find studs, sigh. 

The things we make at this party, they’re going to be added to our collection for our school fashion show that’ll be this coming school year, so we plan on making a lot of things happen!



Courtneys OOTD

Omg this DIY is perfection! (via apairandasparediy.com)

neclace diy

Blog Entry #5
I haven’t made a post in seems like forever, sorry.
Me and a couple of girls from our Fashion Club made it to our local Fashion Show #GildedSummer.
We loved it, I loved it. Gorgeous designs, some of them were alright, not jaw dropping, but ya know. It was perfect weather, although next time, I wouldn’t recommend heals, even though they’re cute! We had a good time seeing street style and other designers.
We hoped to see more people from our club soon.


I loved being at this fashion show, #inspiration and I loved tonight💃👯💄🎀💕